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Nanny Questions for the Family with Young Children

Contributed by Dorothy Popovich

Young children, starting from about age 2, have begun to develop social skills and behavior patterns that I have found vary greatly between children. You are often not their first caregiver, and the family too has established some patterns for interaction between parent and caregiver that they are comfortable with. Every family is different. Here are some questions that I have found helpful.

  • Do the children have chores?
  • Do the children clean up their toys and messes? If not, are you opposed to having the children clean up their toys, dinnerware, clothes?
  • Do you let the children pick out their own clothes or lay them out for them?
  • Are your children indoorsy or outdoorsy kids?
  • Are they talkative or quiet?
  • What types of activities do your children enjoy?
  • Do they have a favorite game or toy?
  • What types of music do your children enjoy?
  • What subjects does each child enjoy at school?
  • Do your children get along with each other? Do they have sibling rivalry at all?
  • Do the children engage in other social relationships?
  • Do the children communicate their emotions?
  • What does each child typically display anger? Sadness?
  • Do the children have any scheduled activities? (Gymnastics, story hour at the library, t-ball, etc.)
  • Are there neighborhood or school friends that the children play with? Are there children you prefer your children do not play with?
  • May YOU give the child permission to invite a friend to play? (Parents should not make these play dates without your prior knowledge. You are paid to watch their children, not the neighborhood.)
  • Do you prefer the nanny remain strictly at home with the children? What about walks to the park, tennis courts, the creek, the library, etc.? May the nanny drive your children places? What communication methods would you want the nanny to use about these activities? (ask in advance, advise verbally in advance, note it in the nanny log, leave a note in the kitchen)

This list is a work in progress. Any suggestions are appreciated, please send them to me via this website.

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