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Nanny Questions About the Parent-Child Relationship

Contributed by Dorothy Popovich

When you think about a nanny job, you usually do so in the context of the relationship you would like to develop with a child. That's important. Understand, however, that the parents' relationship with their child and their philosophies on childrearing will be the foundation upon which you build the nanny-child relationship. This is the parents' house, their children, and you must be able to be philosophically comfortable with their styles because those are what you are committing to follow.

  • What kinds of things do you and your children do together?
  • Do you and your children talk about how you feel and how they feel?
  • Are there certain things you would like the nanny NOT to do so you can have that time with them? (reading bed time stories, bath time, eating dinner, watching the movie you rented for them)
  • Are you religious? How do you and your child express your spirituality?
  • Would you say your relationship with your child is more authoritatian or more democratic? Ask them to explain their answer a bit.

This list is a work in progress. Any suggestions are appreciated, please send them to me via this website.

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