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Nanny Questions for the Family with an Infants

Contributed by Dorothy Popovich

Families with infants have issues and concerns unique to them. The infant cannot articulate as an older child can, and the nanny needs to rely more on the parents for important information and clues as to that baby's temperament and health. The nanny also needs to learn important information about the parents' habits, feelings and concerns regarding infant care.

  • Was the baby pre-mature? (may affect development)
  • Was the baby of low birth weight? (may affect development)
  • Does the baby have any health issues that I should be aware of? (food allergies, colic, etc.)
  • Does the baby have a sleep schedule?
  • Does the baby have an eating schedule? Is the baby demand fed?
  • Would you object to me putting the baby on a schedule?
  • How do you feel about pacifiers? Thumb sucking?
  • Do you keep pillows/toys/stuffed animals in the crib? (this can be a liability issue when nanny is home due to SIDS)
  • Are they particularly attached to a certain object/blanket/toy? Do you keep it in a consistent place?
  • Do you breast feed? If so, do you use frozen milk, or formula to supplement when you aren't here?
  • Do you buy or make baby food?
  • Do you put bottles and baby-ware in the dishwasher, boil them, or wash them by hand?
  • How often would you say your baby's diaper needs changing?
  • Does the baby have a regular BM schedule?
  • How do you feel about your baby being outdoors? When it is cold?
  • Is the baby teething yet? What kinds of things relieves your baby's pain?
  • Is the baby eating solid foods yet? If so, which ones?
  • What is the physical level of your baby? (rolling, grasping, crawling etc.)
  • How long do you let your baby cry, if at all, before pacifying him?
  • Does your baby have different cries of communication? Describe those.
  • What soothes your crying baby? (loud music, soft music, rocking, car rides etc.)
  • Do you have a particular routine for sleeping, bathing, or diaper changing you would like the nanny to follow?
  • Do you use cloth diapers or disposable? (if cloth, ask if they have a diaper service, or is the nanny expected to clean them?

This list is a work in progress. Any suggestions are appreciated, please send them to me via this website.

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