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What are appropriate nanny wage increases for an additional child?

Kathleen Webb, President, HomeWork Solutons Inc., the nation's leading preparer of payroll and employer tax returns for nanny employers, responds that a wage increase is called for any time job responsibilities increase. Nannies with newborns are generally more well paid than nannies with older children, even if the child head count remains the same. Mrs. Webb reports that most increases are in the 10-20% range OR no less than $50 per week. Smaller increases send your nanny the message that you don't truly value her services, definitely not the message you want to send at this time. And the failure to recognize the additional responsibilities with a wage increase may result in the nanny leaving the job - perhaps without providing you the notice you will need to replace her.

Nanny surveys consistently report that the number one cause of job dissatisfaction and nanny turnover is the addition of job responsibilities and/or hours without appropriate compensation!

Mrs. Webb advises that you ask your friends with nannies and agencies in your area what the going rate is for your community, and pay accordingly. Additionally, suggests that CPR/First Aid certifications should be updated at this time. A Saturday class in newborn care should help you and your nanny feel more comfortable about this challenge, as well as provide your nanny with valuable training. Good luck.

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